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10 Lawn Grass Types in Australia

If you are reading this, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your lawns and looking into choosing the right lawn grass types for your landscape. Maybe you’re gazing sadly at your existing lawn, wishing it was green and springy like it used to be, instead of...

30 Inspirational Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You've probably found your way to this blog post because you want to make some changes to your backyard and need some backyard landscaping ideas. You aren't alone! If lately, you've spent more time than usual at home, you may have spent some of that time gazing at...

12 Simple Front Garden Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Space

Are you looking for front garden ideas to inspire you? You can make a huge difference to how your front garden looks with some very simple and budget-friendly ideas. Before you start planning any landscaping project, it’s important to step outside and take a look...

5 Best Small Garden Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

There are several ways you can maximise the functionality of your backyard garden area – even if it is a small space. Building a small garden can often take more effort than a large garden. Why? Because it requires clever and thoughtful planning to get the most out of...

How To Plan A Tropical Garden

You might think it’s not possible to have a tropical garden in Perth – but with the right garden and soil preparation and plant selection, you can have a lush tropical oasis of your very own. You don’t need a big area to create a lush, colourful tropical garden. When...

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

If you are wondering what you should do in your garden this month to help it thrive and prepare it for the winter season, read on.

May is the last month of Autumn here in Perth, the weather is cooling down and as gardeners, we’re getting ready for the winter months. 

In this blog, we will cover what needs to be done this month to get your garden ready for winter…

Beaconsfield – Complete Backyard Landscape Makeover

Our clients, Renee and Andy, were looking to transform their overgrown backyard into a beautiful space that they, their 2 kids and their dog Queenie could enjoy!

Perth Landscaping Experts is now a Certified Partner in Climate Action

In our goal to provide exceptional Gardening, Landscaping, and Reticulation services for our customers in Perth, we at Perth Landscaping Group have always exerted efforts to contribute in nurturing our environment.

Choosing the Right Plants for Pool Landscaping

Adding some plants around your pool area can provide privacy and shade, as well as make the space that much more attractive and inviting. However, not all plants are able to withstand a chlorine or saltwater environment. This guide will give you some ideas of which chlorine tolerant plants for pool landscape to buy, helping you to save money and time and have the best possible plants for your pool environment.

Small Garden Design Ideas Showcase

Small gardens and courtyards in Perth are becoming increasingly popular due to urban infill. With clever design a small garden space can be a beautiful and functional retreat.

Creative Landscape Design Ideas

Creative Landscape Design Ideas

When many people think of landscape gardening they immediately think of digging, dirt, and mess. But one aspect of any beautiful garden involves landscaping - and those extra touches that make it stand out. Landscaping goes beyond pragmatic elements of gardening, such...

3 Ways to Give Your Garden Design Form and Function

3 Ways to Give Your Garden Design Form and Function

With the sun beginning to stretch its rays longer and longer throughout the day, you might begin to think about spending more time outdoors. More specifically, garden design crosses your mind. Maybe you're finally finding time to get started on that garden you've...

4 Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

4 Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Landscape design is an art. As such, your outdoor space will be an expression of your personality and your style. Your backyard is an extension of your home. It is no different than your living room, kitchen, or bedroom in that you want to your landscape to have...

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