Perth Paving Services

Professional paving design, supply and installation for Perth properties

Practical, durable, and easy to maintain, paving is ideal for any outdoor space.

With a variety of colours and finishes available, the options are endless when it comes to paving solutions for your property. Create steps, stairs, tiers, walkways or pave your terrace, driveway or even your pool area. We can also help with repaving, restore old paved areas or come up with a whole new design.

You can trust our expert Perth Landscaping team to deliver quality workmanship and paving services that look good – and last.

Professional Perth Paving Solutions

Whatever your landscaping project needs, our expert team will be able to supply and install the right paving solution to suit.

We can source locally from our trusted paving suppliers here in Perth, or even import if you are after a unique look to really accentuate your design; such as handmade pavers blessed by monks from Italy – it’s been done before!

We have a range of different colours and finishes for you to choose from, or consult with our designers to see what will best suit your space.

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Complete Paving Services:

✓ Residential Paving

✓ Commercial Paving

✓ Driveway Paving

✓ Pool Paving

✓ Patio Paving

✓ Paving Renovation and Restoration

Supplying All Paving Options:

✓ Natural Paving Stone

✓ Garden Slabs

✓ Natural and Reconstituted Limestone Paving

✓ Clay Pavers

✓ Concrete Pavers

✓ And more…

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Get A Quote

Know exactly what you need?

 If you already know the paving material you require and can provide the measurements of the area to be paved, we can provide you with a free estimate* to help get your project going.

*Will not include site preparation costs.

If you don’t know this level of detail yet, you may need to book a consultation with our Landscape Designer.


Need Help With Your Landscaping Project?

If you aren’t sure what paving solution is best for what you need or you also require other hardscaping elements for your landscaping project and want to run your ideas past a professional Landscaper and get advice, suggestions and a quote for your full project – you may want to book in a Landscape Design Consultation.

Paving Suppliers in Perth

Looking for some inspiration?


With so many styles, materials, sizes and colours available, it is a great idea to have a browse through some of the Perth paving suppliers websites to see what is available, along with figuring out what you do and don’t like before you give us a call.


To help you, these are some of the most popular paving suppliers in Perth – Brikmakers and Midland Brick are more affordable, while Freo Stone and Eco Outdoor offer more premium materials. 


Have a look at what they offer and get in touch with us. We can order, pickup, deliver and install the paving material of your choice.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through our frequently asked questions about our Perth paving services – if you don’t find the answers you are looking for, just get in touch with our expert Perth Landscaping team!

What are the best pavers for a driveway?

There are, as always, many paving options to choose from, but we recommend brick, concrete and asphalt. A great choice for a clean, modern look is concrete aggregate – and it is also a long-lasting paving choice as there is no chance of weeds growing through cracks or one or two areas getting damaged – as happens when brick or other pavers are used. If you aren’t sure what paving options there are or what pavers to use for your driveway, book in for a professional consultation with our Landscaper.

How much do your paving services cost?

How long is a piece of string – or your area to be paved? But seriously, every property will be different as it isn’t just a case of the size of the area and the materials, but also the site prep required to make sure that whatever paving solution we choose will last! The best way to get a price for your exact requirements is to book in a landscape consultation with us. This way we can advise you on the right paving options for your property, space and budget, but also make sure that we are taking into account professionally preparing the area

I don't know what pavers I should choose – can you help?

Absolutely. Our landscapers have used almost every paving material there is and are the experts when it comes to making sure we choose what is best for your look, landscape and budget. We can handle all paving supply required for your project and source from the best paving suppliers here in Perth. Just book in for a consultation and we will help you make the right paving choice.

Why has my block paving 'sunk'?

This is, unfortunately, a common problem and usually due to one key thing – when the site hasn’t been prepared properly before paving the area. Having a landscaper who understands not just how to choose the right paving material, but how to properly prepare the site is key to a long-lasting paving job that looks good and stays strong! You may need to pay more upfront but it will save you a lot of hassle and more costs in the long run. Do it once, do it right!

How to prepare for paving installation?

Preparation is the most important step – and a quality Perth paving company will be able to conduct a site assessment, then carefully level and compact the area to be paved along with laying the appropriate material for under your paving; whether that is sand or concrete paving. Quality paving services are more than just paving supply and paving installation, they are about site prep! Make sure your paving quote includes an aspect related to site preparation, compacting and levelling, or your paving may sink or move and require costly re-paving! For paving services that are done right the first time, contact our team at Perth Landscaping Experts. 

What is better - concrete paving or sand paving?

As with anything – what are your goals and what is your budget? 

Concrete paving is when the area to be paved is first laid with concrete, which is then what the pavers are laid on as their base or foundation. This is a much more long-term paving solution as the pavers won’t move as they eventually can when laid on sand. This also means that you avoid the issue many homeowners battle with of weeds eventually growing through or taking root in the cracks. This type of paving solution does cost more and require an experienced landscaper to make sure the end result is a high standard.  Make sure to ask the company providing your paving services if their landscapers have done this method of paving before!  

Sand paving is when the area to be paved is first covered with a layer of sand, which the pavers are then laid on. The pavers are then ‘sealed’ around the edges with a frame of concrete to stop movement. This paving solution is the most common as it is a more affordable option and also enables easier removal and reuse of the pavers if you decide to change your landscape design in future. When done correctly, this is also a very effective paving solution, but requires proper site preparation (careful levelling and compacting) along with the correct amount of sand for the foundation. Many companies save costs by cutting corners on the site prep and foundation, but when not done correctly, this is when sinking, movement and constant weed growth can occur. 

We can carry out either method of paving installation, just talk to us about booking in a consultation so our landscaper can assess your site and recommend the right paving solution for you.