Does grass add value to a house at resale? A lawn value is pretty high – or so it seems.

According to a Turf Australia study, in Australia, lawn grass can add up to $75,668 of value to a property, on average. In Western Australia, a lawn can equate to an increase in value of $40,050 on a $445,000 or 8% and the good news continues.

The study also found that 80% of the population prefer a lawn that represents a third of the total size of the property. The backyard is back in fashion.

Why Does a Good Lawn Increase Home Value?

34% of house hunters consider a decent-sized backyard to be the most valued element of a property. That’s third only to more than one bathroom (42%) and being located in a quiet street (41%).

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And why is a lawn so desirable to home buyers?

  • Safe playing area for kids (73%)
  • Adds to the look and feel of the property (34%)
  • For relaxation (32%)
  • Increase in re-sale value of the property (25%)
  • To be able to garden as a hobby (14%)
  • Environmental benefits (11%)

If you are considering selling your property, then now is the time to look at the current state of your backyard and lawn. Think about the impact it will have on the value of your property at sale time.

‘When selling your home, presentation is not only the key to the success of your sale, but also for getting the price you want. If you’re smart about it, investing some time and money into how your property is landscaped can make a big difference to your final sale price.’


If you are thinking about installing new lawn grass to add value to a house ready for sale then consider this:

  1. If you can’t afford to install new turf throughout the entire property, you should at least consider the front lawn. It will enhance the street appeal of the home and this is where many decisions to buy or not to buy are made.
  2. A lawn will take a few weeks to fully establish. During that time it will require a lot of attention and regular watering. Will you still be living in the home or putting the house on the market whilst empty? A new lawn will require regular maintenance, so it is preferable that someone be available to complete this.
  3. Speak to your real estate agent. They are the best possible person to know what potential buyers are looking for in your local area. If it’s highly likely that new owners will add a pool or a back deck, than a new lawn may not be necessary or appropriate. On the other hand, if the potential market is full of young families seeking a soft, safe area for the kids to play, then a newly laid turf may just be the thing to get a signature on a contract.

Read here for more on how to choose the right lawn for your property in Perth.

To discuss the best way to get your back and front yards ready for sale in order to maximum your property value talk to the team at Perth Landscaping today.