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Creating your dream landscape through expert design.

Thoughtfully-designed landscapes

Expert Garden Landscape Design to bring your ideas to life in your landscape

A custom landscape design is the best way to create a stunning, unique garden you can really be proud of.

The right design doesn’t just transform the look of your property, but also increases its value – a landscape to be enjoyed for a lifetime

Need advice and ideas on how to make the most of your landscape so you can get started? Or are you looking for someone to take your ideas and turn them into the perfect design to make your dream landscape a reality?

We can help.

At Perth Landscaping Experts, we work with you to create expert residential and commercial landscape designs that are tailored to suit your space, home and lifestyle. Our designers have extensive plant and material knowledge, and can offer expert advice and insights to help guide you through the process. Whether it’s a simple addition or a complete renovation, we can take you from ideas, to the perfect design and expert installation of your new landscape.

Landscape Design Perth landscaping design services

Begin Your Landscape Design

To get your project started, book in for a Landscape Design Consult with our expert Designer.

During the onsite visit, they will discuss your ideas, goals, likes and dislikes, assess the property and provide advice and suggestions while helping define the scope of works required to create your dream landscape.

Following the consult, you will be provided with a Design Proposal that outlines the scope along with a quote to create your Landscape Design.

 Cost of the landscape design process. 

This full process is all about creating the best outcome for you and coming up with the best possible solution for your needs. Pricing varies depending on the complexity and scale of your project, but the prices below will give you an indication of what you might want to budget for.

The initial consultation is $350 + GST (if located within the Inner Perth Metro Area)

Following your consult, you will be presented with a Design Proposal that will outline the scope required and the costs to produce the required design. This could be anywhere from $550-$880, for simpler projects, to $1,500+ for a full Landscape Design and Construction plan with plant and material lists, elevations and construction details.

samples of landscape designs from perth landscaping experts
Hire the expert and choose the right plant for your garden

Already know what you need?

If you already know what you need for your project; materials, layout, measurements etc. or already have a design/plan in place and just want a quote – click below to complete a form with all that information and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

See Our Work

From a backyard refresh to a complete landscape makeover, our teams have made properties all over Perth look great – here are some snapshots of our past work and completed projects…

Why Use A Landscape Designer?

A well-designed garden landscape requires an expert knowledge of plants, materials, construction, functionality and how to bring all that together while creating a space that looks beautiful and meets the needs of your family and lifestyle. A poorly planned design, incorrect plant choices or badly-chosen materials can render your space impractical and result in costly issues rather than providing a functional and enjoyable extension of your property.

Hiring a professional allows you to avoid those problems before they arise. An expert landscape designer creates spaces which are practical, beautiful and well-thought out! From your residential or commercial property’s architecture to our Perth climate and soils, understanding and designing with these elements in mind is integral to creating a practical and attractive garden.

Our designs contain everything you will need to move forward and begin construction.  No confusion or mix-ups with future contractors, no hidden costs or placement errors, the entire design is laid out clearly – guaranteeing a final product which is precisely what you wanted and will provide enjoyment for years to come.

Our Landscape Design Process

Initial Consultation. During the initial consultation your landscape designer will meet with you onsite, go through all your requirements and find out more about your personal desires for your space, such as; plant and colour preferences, theme, your lifestyle and needs for the area… making sure we understand exactly what you are after so we can create that for you!

Professional Landscape Design

Design Proposal. Armed with all the information from the consult, your landscape designer will go away and create a Design Proposal (click below to see example) for you. This will summarise all you have discussed, your requirements and the scope of work – along with including a quote for the cost of the design works needed to bring it all together.

landscape design project management software

Design Work Begins. Once you have approved your Design Proposal, our Designer will start work. You will be invited to a client profile created on our Project Management Software, so you can stay up-to-date on the project timeline as things progress.

Revision. Once the design has been created, you can now review and ensure that every detail has been included, ask any questions and make sure that everything is how you envisioned it to be. Once that is finalised, you now have everything you need to enter the construction phase! We can provide a full, itemised quotation for the entire construction and project management of your landscaping project.

Project Installation. Now that you have a professional design in place, we can commence with the construction and install for your design. Our designs are detailed so landscapers love them!  No confusion or mix-ups with future contractors, no hidden costs or placement errors, the entire design is laid out clearly – guaranteeing a final product which is precisely what you wanted.

We can take complete management and oversight of your project, as well as hiring and liaising with our trusted contractors to make sure every single detail of your design comes to life and is completed with the highest quality of work. You gain peace of mind knowing that your qualified landscape designer, who has gone with you on this journey and understands exactly what you want, is in charge of making it happen. 

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Landscape Design Tips

Before you take the plunge and hire a landscape designer, there are a few things to consider so you can…

  1. Help the designer understand exactly what you are after.
  2. Be sure you will get a design you love.

So here are our tips before you begin your landscape design…


What is your current property like?

What can’t you change (or would add too much complexity or cost), like garden sheds, or established trees that will need to be incorporated into your design?

Also, what can you change? Is there something that needs to go that will require planning, such as removing a tree or replacing a deck?

Make sure you speak with your Designer during your consult – as they might have the perfect solution to something you might think it’s impossible.

Front landscaped driveway of property
courtyard garden design

What is your lifestyle like?

And just as importantly; what would you love it to be? 

If you have kids or pets you will need space, safety fences, maybe a playhouse or pool. If you are active you will want a pool, space to play games or do outdoor yoga. Maybe you love entertaining so a BBQ area or a gazebo to invite friends for an outdoor brunch is a must.

Your outdoors should suit your lifestyle, not the other way around, you need a place that adds value to the life you lead.

Look at your interior design.

Is your home relaxed and cosy, bright and eclectic or classy and modern? Your indoors and outdoors should work together, creating a feel or atmosphere which extends to every corner of your home. We can help you create the perfect flow with an entertaining area designed to act as an extension of your home. 

Where is your ideal holiday?

Your garden is your place to relax and recharge, so what better than a landscape design inspired by your ultimate getaway?

So, what is it you love? Is it the vibrant colours and smells of travelling through Asia? Is it the peace and quiet of a Japanese zen garden? Maybe the tropical feel and exotic culture of Bali? Draw inspiration from these places and cultures, even find photos to show your designer.

Collect photos and inspiration!

Collect photos from Pinterest, pictures from house magazines of perth landscape designs you love, or even some particular aspects you love and want to include. Fill a book or file with pictures of anything you love and any place that inspires you.

Keep in mind that there are a thousand options, colours, styles and sizes for everything – from types of pavers and varieties of plants to fences or decking. So it’s important that you know what is out there! 

Your designer will be thrilled at the amount of insight they will get into what you want – and you will be surprised at how much you can contribute to the creation of your design.

Book a Design Consultation

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Frequently Asked Landscape Design Questions

Want more detail on the process of landscape design? Read through our FAQs or get in touch with us if you don’t see your questions below… 

How much does a Landscape Design cost?

As with most things, this depends on the scale and complexity of your project. 

If you only need a simple, 2D plan which is more to guide the construction team (we call this a construction plan) and establish the layout and basic details of your design, then it could be around the $550-$900 mark. 

If your project involves a lot of detail, complexity and you want/need to see what everything will look like visually in 3D or you have things like retaining walls or fencing which require elevations, then your landsacpe design will take much more time and be from around $1,500-$2,000 and up. 

After your landscape design consultation, your designer will be able to provide you with a design proposal and quote more specific to your exact requirements based on your conversation, so you’ll know your design costs upfront. 

What do I need to prepare before my design consultation?

Before your consulation, you will need to prepare/know:

1. Your site/property plan 

2. Your must-have elements to be included (pool, deck, fence, entertaining area, etc.)

3. Your ideal style/theme (modern, native, cottage, minimalist, etc)

4. Your list of any specific requirements for the designer to know (wheelchair access, safe play area for kids, dog-safe, anything you DON’T like or need to avoid, etc.)

Along with this, make sure you do plenty of research on what is out there – just knowing you want a paved area isn’t enough; there are a millon colours, styles, shapes, sizes, etc. to choose from. So your designer will need as much information from you as possible to be able to suggest or guide you towards the perfect one for you! 

Jump on Houzz, Pinterest, our own landscaping Portfolio and blogs… anything you can find for inspiration. 

How much does a design consultation cost?

We charge $350 + GST for an onsite design consultation with our professional Landscape Designer. 

They will come to your property, conduct a consultation with you to understand what you want and need, guide you through questions and ideas and then provide you with a detailed Design Proposal. This will outline all your requirements and what was discussed, along with a quote to prepare the required design to take take the first step in helping your project come to life!  

If you live outside of our travel area, we may still be able to come to you, but will advise of any additional travel surcharges before you book – if required. 

Why do I need a professional landscape design?

Simply put, without one, both you as the client and the landscaping team installing your project are flying blind.

A professional design makes sure that;

a. You can clearly establish what your finished project will look like before any work takes place.

b. Your construction team and any other trades involved are on the same page with where things need to be, how they need to be constructed and the required outcome. This minimises surprises and issues along the way! 

c. You can have a detailed quote which outlines all the materials and work involved 

d. You can confidently start work knowing that you will get the right end result and a landscape you’ll love! 

What if I don't know what landscape design I want?

Know you want a change but overwhelmed with all the potential options out there?

That’s what a Landscape Designer is for! Always do your research, talk to friends, wander around local gardens and your suburb to get ideas first –  but then our designer is here to help guide you, make suggestions and come up with ideas so together, you’ll be able to create a landsacpe you’ll love.

We have lots of blogs with landscaping ideas or you can look at our past projects in our landscape design portfolio to help get you started before your consultation as well.