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Perth City

Perth Landscaping was called in to help turn a client’s small, inner-city courtyard, which had a poorly-installed “developers garden” design, into a tailor-made, stunning outdoor area to integrate with his lifestyle and tastes. 

Before the Project

Cheap synthetic grass, stark, bare walls, unimaginative plant selection… this was a very “standard” throw-together design that didn’t make spending time outside enjoyable, or make the house feel like a home to be proud of…

Breaking Ground

Due to it being a new development in the city with a very narrow access to the backyard, our team had to navigate through the garage and laundry to access the back courtyard with all materials and tools. We removed the old plants, a few cubic meters of poor, sterile soil and waste and brought in a rich soil mix through the tiny access – wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow! 

A Closer Look

We created a low-maintenance garden, full of rich colours, using mostly natives and careful low-care plant selection. Using the stainless steel climbing frame, the Chinese Star Jasmine is slowly going to cover the stark, grey walls, softening the area and turning it into a little city oasis that smells amazing on warm evenings.

Featured Photos

Now his small courtyard has truly turned into a unique, beautiful yet functional garden, perfect for entertaining or enjoying a wine with friends at the end of the day. 

Our Client’s Testimonial

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