A professional landscape design is the best way to create a stunning, unique garden you can really be proud of.

You don’t want to ‘just get it done’ when considering renovating your property.

You want a carefully and creatively planned landscape design that will reflect your personal style, as well as enhancing your home and lifestyle.

How our experienced landscape designers can help – The design process


Initial Consultation. During the initial consultation your landscape designer will sit down with you onsite, go through all your requirements and find out more about your personal desires for your space; plant and colour preferences, theme, your lifestyle and needs for the area… making sure we understand exactly what you are after so we can create that for you!

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Conceptual Plan. Armed with all the information from the consult, your landscape designer can draw up the first draft of your concept plan, taking into account your dreams and goals for your property. Their expertise and knowledge will turn that into a tangible plan to help you visualise how your completed landscape design will look.

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steel garden beds in landscape designConcept Presentation. The designer then comes onsite to talk you through the current concept plan in person, so you can discuss what you love and go over any changes you have in mind now that you have seen the concept design.

Master Landscape Design Plan.  Once you have signed off on the concept plan,  they can draft the master design plan. This is a complete plan containing everything you will need to move forward and begin construction.  No confusion or mix-ups with future contractors, no hidden costs or placement errors, the entire design is laid out clearly – guaranteeing a final product which is precisely what you wanted.

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Landscaping Technical Documentation. Along with your landscape design plan, we will provide you with a full technical report documenting everything that we are proposing to install; from plant suggestion and maintenance sheets to technical installation specifications.

Project Installation. Now you have everything you need, it is time to commence with the construction and install for your design. We can take complete management and oversight of your project, as well as hiring and liaising with our trusted contractors to make sure every single detail of your design comes to life and is completed with the highest quality of work. You gain peace of mind knowing that your qualified landscape designer, who has gone with you on this journey and understands exactly what you want, is in charge of making it happen.

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Cost of the landscape design process. This full process is all about creating the best outcome for you and coming up with the best possible solution for your needs. Pricing varies depending on the complexity and scale of your project, but the prices below will give you an indication of what you might want to budget for.

  • The initial consultation is $370 incl. GST
  • The conceptual planning starts from $990
  • The master plan starts from $1980
  • The Technical documentation starts from $550

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