Where to begin with a landscape design?

Landscape design project

Are you tired of your current property?

Just bought a house and need a makeover so you can really call it your own?

Your next move is to get a landscape design, but where to begin?

Before you take the plunge and hire a landscape designer, there are a few things to consider so you can…

  1. Help the designer understand exactly what you are after.
  2. Be sure you will get a design you love.

Below are some questions to ask yourself to start getting those ideas flowing!

What is your lifestyle like? What would you love it to be? If you have kids or pets you will need space, safety fences, maybe a playhouse or pool. If you are active you will want a pool, space to play games or do outdoor yoga. Maybe you love entertaining so a BBQ area or a gazebo to invite friends for an outdoor brunch is a must. Your outdoors should suit your lifestyle, not the other way around, you need a place that adds value to the life you lead.

What is your current property like? What can’t you change, like buildings or trees that will need to be incorporated into your design. Also, what can you change? Is there something that needs to go that will require planning, such as removing a tree or replacing a deck.

Look at your interior design. Is your home relaxed and cosy, bright and eclectic or classy and modern? Your indoors and outdoors should work together, creating a feel or atmosphere which extends to every corner of your home.

Where is your ideal holiday? Your garden is your place to relax and recharge, so what better than a landscape design inspired by your ultimate getaway? So, what is it you love? Is it the vibrant colours and smells of travelling through Asia? Is it the peace and quiet of a Japanese zen garden? Maybe the tropical feel and exotic culture of Bali? Draw inspiration from these places and cultures, even find photos to show your designer.

How do you need it to reflect your lifestyle? Are you a family of surfers and nature lovers? Then you want a look that uses natural materials like wood and stone so the relaxed feeling you get while in nature is not lost when you return home. Do you have children and need to have hard-wearing and safe installations a priority in your design?

Our top tip to be extra prepared?

Collect photos from Pinterest, pictures from house magazines of landscape designs you love, or even some particular aspects you love and want to include. Fill a book with pictures of anything you love and any place that inspires you. Your designer will be thrilled at the amount of insight they will get into what you want – and you will be surprised at how much you can contribute to the creation of your design.

Now you are ready!

It’s time to book in a consult with a landscape designer, and begin your journey to creating your dream garden design!