Installation of natural grass in Perth


Properly cared for, and with the right irrigation system in place, natural grass will provide the best-looking result in a garden design- even in hot and sandy Perth.

Common Perth varieties (warm season grasses) we work with are:

  • Palmetto and Sir Walter Buffalo (Stenotaphrum secondatum)
  • ‘Wintergreen’ Couch Cultivar (Cynodon species)
  • Zoysia ‘Empire’ (Zoysia species)
  • Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum)

We are experienced with the installation and maintenance of natural lawns, and are able to assess your location, lifestyle and soil type to choose the right natural grass for your landscape. In the table below find the main benefits for the main lawn varieties

Lawn Variety Advantages Disadvantages Suitable Use
‘Palmetto’ & ‘Sir Walter’ Buffalo
  • Beautiful emerald colour
  • Tolerant of light and shade
  • Good winter colour retention
  • No rhizomes or underground roots to invade garden beds
  • Higher water use
  • Care needs to be taken with broadleaf herbicides.
  • More expensive to install
  • Does not recover from damage as well and as quick as others
  • Small to medium suburban gardens with good budget for watering.
  • Areas with light shade
  • Families needing soft grass for children
‘Wintergreen’ Couch cultivar
  • Tolerates winter cold better then common Couch
  • Soft fine leaf
  • Poor colour in Winter if not maintained
  • Invasive rhizomes
  • Tolerates broadleaf herbicides
  • Very good for suburban homes on a budget and low water use
Zoysia ‘Empire’
  • Soft foliage
  • Drought tolerant
  • Low mowing requirement
  • Slower to establish and recover from damage
  • More expensive than Couch and Kikuyu
  • Small to medium gardens.
  • Areas with light shade
  • Families needing soft grass for children.
  • Very cheap
  • Very drought resistant
  • Very fast growing
  • Recovers from damage quickly, especially for sport
  • soft foliage
  • Too much mowing in small to medium gardens. Weekly in Summer!
  • Very invasive rhizomes in small to medium gardens.
  • Large areas, especially for local councils, sporting bodies, government departments and farm gardens.
  • Very good for sports ovals.

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