Installation of your Landscape Design

Now that you have the master plan for your perfect landscape design, it’s time to begin the construction.

We know how daunting the thought of that can be; organising the right permits, hiring trustworthy contractors who will deliver the quality of work you want within the time you want it, sourcing the best materials and then getting them delivered at the right stages of your install… it’s a big job.

We want you to have the gorgeous result you deserve – and not have to go bald to get it!

So, to save you pulling out your hair over this process, we offer a total project management and construction service, from start to finish.

Our experienced landscape designer will oversee every step of your project.

From liaising with trusted contractors throughout each stage of construction, to sourcing all materials needed, they will be your one point of contact until the day the work is completed and you can enjoy your stunning new outdoors.

New landscape design and install perth

No searching for the right contractors and talking to 25 different tradies along the way, no communication issues and unexpected problems you need to get yet another expert in to solve; our landscape designer deals with it all and updates you with what you need to know, when you need to know it – it’s that simple!

Our Management Service:

    • Hiring of trusted contractors
    • Sourcing and delivery of all materials
    • Frequent updates
    • Personal oversight throughout the project
    • Problem-solving during install
  • Quality check of completed construction

We want what you want – a stunning outdoors you can be proud of for years to come.

Call now on (08) 6263 4646 and let our experienced, qualified and professional team take care of you.

Your personal information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared with anyone.

We also offer on-going garden maintenance services for total care of your new install – head to our Perth Gardening site to learn more.